Issue 01: Winter 2015

Darn Cold

Like grief, cold is an absence that takes up space. Winter wants the soul and bores into the body to get it

Hold the Dark, William Giraldi

Snow is an insulating blanket, refracting the light, but then there’s the mess of it and all the work, plus the fear of falling on the slick pavement. There’s the cold, the bone crunching cold of Midwestern winters. Dark so early! Most people stay inside a lot. It’s hard to get a car around the side streets and there’s black ice on the highways…you can’t see it until it’s too late! My friend says there’s no bad weather, just inappropriate gear, but I don’t believe it.

The qualities we looked for in fall food are even more imperative in winter. Deep flavors, soft velvety texture, a warm kitchen, lights on, someone home. How good it is if we smell something fragrant before even opening the door.

Braised chicken is perfect for the cold weather. The chicken is cut into parts, browned in fat and then finished by simmering with a flavorful liquid in a covered pot, low and slow. The smell of good cooking permeates the house. Coq au vin and Indian butter chicken are two braised dishes that are created using similar techniques but resulting in very different tastes. French pot au feu and Vietnamese pho are two iconic simmered beef dishes. They all provide the rich mellow satisfaction that we crave in winter.


  • Jan Gulley Gerdin says:

    Congratulations Lisa!!

  • Moira Tuffy says:

    Just beautiful! Congratulations Lisa!

  • Georgiann Schulte says:

    Beautiful beginning, looking forward to many more.

  • Dimitri says:

    It was worth the wait! The site is BEAUTIFUL and so very informative — and interesting to read. May it be the start of something long and fruitful!

  • This speaks to my heart in many ways.
    I love learning the basics, since I am not a very good cook, ( a wannabe though)
    The discussion regarding the emotional connection to the food we crave is spot on! Starting with the soup we love in winter.

  • Katie Carolan says:

    Well done, Lisa. I am really going to enjoy this. I may learn to cook after all!

  • Susan Reinis says:

    Hi Lisa
    I really enjoyed reading this. I will try the recipes along with good wine and drink a toast to you!

  • Beaux Thompson says:

    Wow my first introduction. So beautifully expressed. I am a foodie and will cook for myself or a party of people. Jan thank you for sharing this with me. I will look forward to future emails

  • Roy Wesley says:

    I am very excited to see your hard work coming to fruition in this first edition of Cook’s Gazette. Each section has useful information and tips to help us all further our cooking skills and techniques. It helps to have a perspective in what we are doing in selection, preparation and in enjoyment. Thank you for sharing your inner self in this beautiful format!

  • Nadra Holmes says:

    Can’t wait for Spring issue!

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