Dirk’s Gefilte Fish

Dirks Fish


2 gallons fish stock, enough to float the balls

2 lbs each of whitefish, trout and tilapia, skinned and coarsely ground

4 medium eggs, beaten

2 tsp white pepper, finely ground

2 Tbl kosher salt

2 Tbl matzo meal

Ice water, if needed


Mix all ingredients together, add a little water if needed. Bring stock to a boil. Use a half-cup measure for forming the balls or use a small scale to form fish balls at 6 ounces each.

Gently drop the formed balls into the boiling stock. Cover the pot and cook for about 45 minutes. Most of the balls will be floating by this time. Remove the balls from the pot and place them in a shallow plastic tub to cool. Don’t crowd the balls. Add fish stock from the pot into the tubs, to cover by an inch or so. Cover and refrigerate when cool.

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