Japanese Eggplant with Miso Sauce

Japanese Eggplant

Use either variety of Asian eggplant cut in half lengthwise, or use Rosa Bianca eggplant cut horizontally into slices an inch thick. On the cut surfaces, brush eggplants generously with oil. Grill. Serve with a sweet miso sauce. To plate, put down a pool of miso sauce, top with grilled eggplant slices and garnish with fried slivers of ginger and a chiffonade of shiso or mint leaves.


Miso Sauce

6 tbl shiro miso (white miso)

2 tbl sake

2 tbl mirin

1-2 tbl of water

Optional: ¼ tsp grated ginger or lemon rind


In a small saucepan simmer the ingredients gently for 5 to 10 minutes. Before serving, taste for the sweet – salty balance, adding more miso for saltiness, sugar for sweetness. Adjust the texture with water.

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