Sake Simmered Mackerel

Sake Simmered Mackerel
Photos above by Zak Yasin

Makes 4 servings


1 pound fresh mackerel, salmon, or sablefish fillets, skin-on

1 cup sake

¾ cup mirin

½ cup soy sauce

2-3 Tbl fine julienne of fresh ginger

½ tsp sugar


Cut the fish into 4 even pieces

In a medium saucepan (a donabe would work great), sprinkle the sake with the ginger and and heat it until it just comes to a simmer.

Lay in the pieces of fish, skin-side up, and return the pan to a simmer.

Add the mirin and return the pan to a simmer.

Add the soy sauce and sugar. Return the pan to a simmer.

Place a drop-lid over the contents of the pan, which should rest inside the rim, directly on top of the simmering ingredients. Cover and cook over high heat for about 10 minutes. The fish should be fork-tender when done.

Note: When serving this dish chilled, I remove the skin. Although tasty, the skin takes on a rubbery texture when it’s cold.


  • Mark says:

    Looks yummy and great photo too 🙂

  • Jan Gulley Gerdin says:

    Gorgeous C O L O R !

  • Roy Wesley says:

    I’m longing to taste the mackerel in the photo and the garnish. Please describe the garnishes used – red ginger? radish? wasabi in the back?

    • Lisa Gershenson says:

      Garnish: Purple radish, daikon, red pickled ginger and minced scallions. The dish also works well with salmon. I’m delighted that you will try the recipe. Cheers, LISa

  • Sandy says:

    I want to try this technique with other dishes. I never thought to add each item separately and return the mixture to a simmer before adding another. I usually just dump every thing in together. Sandy

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