Stir-Fry Beef, Pork or Tofu

Beef Stir-Fry


Sauce Ingredients

½ cup chicken stock or water

3 Tbl hoisin (Koon Chun brand)

2 Tbl soy bean paste (Chinese or Korean style)

2-4 tsp Sriacha sauce with garlic (Huy Fong “rooster” brand)

Optional: ½ – 1 tsp five fragrance powder, especially for beef dishes

Oil and Aromatics

2-4 Tbl oil with a high smoke point for stir-frying

1 Tbl garlic, minced

2 Tbl scallion, minced

2 tsp to 2 Tbl ginger, minced

Main Ingredients

1 pound thinly sliced

  • raw beef or pork
  • leftover rare grilled steak or pork tenderloin or
  • extra firm tofu
Assorted Vegetables
  • 4 cups maximum, cut into pieces easily handled with chopsticks
  • Choice of broccoli florets, Shanghai bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, julienned sweet peppers, diced jicama
Optional Garnish

Asian basil, cilantro leaves, chive or the minced green of scallions

Soy and sesame oil


Step 1

Combine minced garlic, scallion and ginger and set aside.

Step 2

Combine hoisin, bean paste, Sriacha, and the optional five fragrance powder and set aside.

Step 3

Prepare your choice of fresh herbs for the garnish. Have soy and sesame oil handy.

Step 4
  • Heat the wok until a wisp of smoke appears.
  • Swirl in the stir-fry oil down the sides of the pan.
  • Quickly stir-fry the aromatic garlic, ginger and scallion.
  • Add meat or tofu, pressing it against the hot sides of the pan without moving it for 20 seconds to a minute. Give it a toss and then remove the meat from the pan.
  • Add the complimentary vegetables, maximum four cups, to the hot wok, tossing them about vigorously until almost cooked.
  • Add the meat back into the hot pan.
  • Pour the stock down the sides of the pan to bloom the ingredients and then add the hoisin sauce mixture. Stir-fry until the dish is bubbly hot.
  • Adjust the flavor with the optional soy sauce and sesame oil. Garnish with fresh herbs if desired. Serve immediately.

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